About Us

BASIC FARM SAS is a veterinary medicine laboratory; we manufacture and market products for the poultry, swine, pet (dogs, cats, and company animals), and food industries.

We passionately contribute to the realization of the dreams of our people, our clients, suppliers, and of our country.

We will continuously be a sustainable company, with environmental and social responsibility, recognized for the unsurpassed love of our clients in all the markets we perform.

LOVE FOR EVERYTHING WE DO, INTEGRITY AS A COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE, AND PROSPERITY IN ALL FIELDS, help Basic Farm S.A.S to contribute to the dreams of all our staff, clients, and suppliers.

BASIC FARM SAS is an integral and innovative company that imports, manufactures, markets, and develops portfolios for the livestock, food, and animal care industries, providing health solutions, safety, and productivity to our clients.

We generate prosperity by providing benefits and profitability to our partners, staff, clients, and suppliers, working with love, passion, and identifying, assessing, valuating, and controlling quality, environment, safety, and health labor risks which may affect our commitment to improvement and the efficacy of our comprehensive management system.


Bogota – Colombia: Street 59 # 16-24 / Phone: 346 1664 – 346 3003 / info@basicfarm.com
Quito – Ecuador: Japon N39 – 129 y Agustin Guerrero – Phone: 226 5161 / info@basicfarmecuador.com