Basic Farm is a Colombian company founded over 25 years ago Bedson hand, a brand focused on Argentina

development of differentiated products aimed at improving livestock production worldwide.

BEDGEN 40, formerly Hepatox, is one of the products that Basic Farm began marketing in Colombia, being BEDGEN 40 a natural product consisting of artichoke extract (Cynara scolymus) and Choline Chloride which was launched as a liver protector or Hepatoprotector because the main known function was to protect the liver from the effects of toxins and stimulate the regeneration of liver cells reversing the damage caused by harmful chemicals or toxins. Today and production conditions of balanced animal feed production is the frequent presence of toxins, mainly mycotoxins, which are the raw materials we use to make these balanced food, affecting their health, compromising the productive performance species used and even affecting the proper functioning of the immune system.

However, over the years we have shown that BEDGEN 40, apart from the hepatoprotective effect has other effects that help other organic or metabolic processes. It is shown that cynarin (one of the compounds of the artichoke) increases bile production, improving emulsification and hydrolysis of fats, thus increasing the bioavailability of lipids. Improved contact between the intestinal enzymes and substrate by increasing the hydrophobicity of the contents of the digestive lumen. Increases the absorption of liposoluble vitamins and the availability of lipids (triglycerides). For all these functions in BEDGEN 40 it goes from being just a Hepatoprotector also be a Hepatomodulador because it modulates liver function.

Thus, BEDGEN 40 not only helps to protect the liver but also to make better use of the nutrients are supplied to production animals through balanced meals that represent approximately 70% of production costs.

Finally, we are committed to lend the necessary advice for the successful implementation of programs BEDGEN 40 in their presentations Premix or Liquida through our sales group who are willing and able to provide a system based on our values of Love, Integrity service ensuring prosperity care and respect for animals and the environment.

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