Cleaning and Disinfection

Cleaning, Hygiene and Disinfection


We offer a broad portfolio that includes leading edge products to meet the biosafety requirements of our clients. The implementation of the Integrated Plague Control and Cleaning and Disinfection Protocols are paramount to preserve human health, animal wellbeing (veterinary clinics, pet day care centers, and others), development of efficient livestock productions and maintaining suitable environments to manufacture or process foods and other perishable products.

We are also capable of providing technical support with trained personnel in optimizing the use of our products, developing adequate implementation protocols, monitoring, and verification.


We provide clean technology applied to compliance of the entire Standardized Operative Sanitizing Process (POES, for its acronym in Spanish), including monitoring and tracking tasks.

We have a full Cleaning and Disinfection program for the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries, that includes:

  • Biodegradable detergents formulated in alkaline, neutral (multiuse), and acid media.
  • Cutting edge patented disinfectants for direct contact with food, surfaces, facilities, utensils, footbaths, wheelbaths, etc.
  • Personal hygiene: Disinfectant soap and hand sanitizing gel.
  • Broad spectrum fungicide and sporicide for environment disinfection.


VIRUKILL is a disinfectant specially developed from a modified and patented didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride formula, which allows it to be highly efficient even against naked viruses, without polluting the environment and safe, as it can be used in the presence of animals and to treat drinking water.


SPOREKILL is a last generation Quaternaty Ammonium based disinfectant, with a bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal, and sporicidal action for all types of environments, surfaces, equipment and utensils. On foods (fruits and vegetables), it efficiently controls the growth of pathogenic microorganisms, effectively prolonging the life of agricultural products.


FUNGISOLVE A novel antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial disinfectant for use on shoes, clothing and fabrics in general: boots, shoes, uniforms, protective clothing, disinfection of towels, blankets, pet beds, cat flaps.


FUNGHUMOX is an efficient broad spectrum fungicide. It acts by generating smoke, thus suspending thousands of fine thiabendazole particles, which after several hours deposit on ceilings, walls and floors, thus annulling the growth of suspended fungi and spores.


SANIFARM contains the ideal mixture of active principles that allows bactericidal, virucidal or fungicidal action, achieving an excellent synergy between its components, reducing tension, and therefore facilitating the contact between Glutaraldehyde and the surface to be disinfected.

The Quaternary Ammonium (benzalkonium chloride) acts as a vehicle to bring the Glutaraldehyde into the microorganism, potentiating its effect.


DETAG-CIDO is a mixture of organic and inorganic acids with surfactant, wetting, sequestering, descaling agents, which eliminate organic and inorganic precipitates and acid-soluble substances from surfaces. Quick action on general dirt, preventing accumulation on equipment, floors and pipes. Acid detergent to descale and to remove residues, and to wash circulating systems, stainless steel devices, and PVC floors and pipes.


JABONCLEAN is an easy removal- industrial liquid detergent, ideal to clean tools, clothes and areas. It does not pollute waste water.


BAXIDIN is a chlorhexidine digluconate – based biodegradable antiseptic solution in an aqueous vehicle, which allows for a safe use, since it does not irritate, even when used on mucous membranes or open wounds.


FATCLEAN is an alkaline-type detergent, which can quickly and efficiently dissolve the large amounts of fat that sometimes accumulate as a result of some productive processes. It is specially designed with ionic and non-ionic surfactants which, mixed with alkalis and pH stabilizers provide a great degreasing and emulsifying power, thus penetrating almost any type of fat.


BASICLEAN Antiseptic hand and skin Chlorhexidine Digluconate based soap. Is is gentle with the skin, cleaning without drying; colorless and odorless. Ideal for cleaning prior to entering farms, staff handwashing, food industry, veterinary clinics, laboratories, among others.


BASIC-DIN GEL is an effective antibacterial gel specially developed to control hand pathogens. Its components include moisturizers that are ideal for skin care, thus allowing its frequent use.

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