Basic Farm are a Colombian company dedicated to the manufacture, import and marketing of cleaning products and

disinfection, veterinary medicine and livestock sector-focused, fit for animal care responsibly in order to support the poultry and pork sector.

In relation to our portfolio of cleaning and disinfection, we have a wide portfolio of products with which we develop biosafety procedures in order to reduce the health risks to achieve that genetic lines with which our customers work to develop their productive potential. In this way, we contribute to the improved production parameters, thereby increasing the profitability of our customers. To this end, we offer our support in the development of SOPs (Operating Procedure Standardized Sanitation); training operators, administrators and technicians; support and monitoring processes Biosafety.

Regarding the POES, there are two types: Pre-Operational and Operational. The Pre-Operational has to do with all procedures performed after removal of the animals from the farm and before the entry of the next batch. It is aimed at preparing the environment where the next batch of animals will be received for the next production cycle and is known as enlistment. Operational refers to all procedures performed in the presence of a lot of animals on the farm. All are aimed at lowering health challenges or risks of entry and / or spread of a pathogenic entity to farm that could affect us health status and thus affect the production desempaño lot of animals.

For all the above, in Basic Farm we have a broad portfolio that includes detergents, disinfectants (for surfaces, environments, clothing and drinking water), descaling, antiseptic soap for hands and bodies, antiseptic gel, antiseptic, and fumigant solution in order that he can develop and fulfill a program of cleaning and proper disinfection and adapted to the needs of livestock farms today.

Finally, we are committed to lend the necessary advice for the successful implementation of these programs through our sales group who are willing and able to provide them with a system based on our values of Love, Integrity and Prosperity ensuring respect and care service for animals and the environment.

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