Green Line


Green Line

This line is targeted to animal care and health, based on products containing natural extracts to promote pet health while protecting nature.

suplementoORENDA DIETARY SUPPLEMENT Regulates bowel transit, by promoting peristalsis. It improves the utilization of B vitamins in the organism. It facilitates calcium and manganese absorption, and therefore it is a good ally of the skeletal system. On the other hand, ot stimulates sulfur excretion.

solucion-oticaORENDA EAR SOLUTION It is the ideal product for routine cleaning and in case of ear disease in pets, because it contains salicylic acid, boric acid, and lactic acid, that provide effective cleaning, bacterial and fungus control, and an excellent ceruminolytic effect. Also, it contains Lavender and Chamomile extract, which provide a powerful anti-inflammatory, soothing, and healing effect on the epithelium of the ear canal when affected.

orenda-crema-nuevaORENDA SKIN CREAM is specially designed to promote scar-forming and healing processes of the skin. Due to its natural components, it is safe to use. It has antiseptic, healing, and repellent effects.

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