Pets line


Pets line

In the pet product line, BASIC FARM has been developing products with a 25-year market experience. It is noteworthy that this line is trustworthy and safe when in use, since our quality standards are also based on innovation and marketing policies that have consolidated this line in the pet sector


DENTYFARM is a chlorhexidine digluconate – based toothpasete specially developed for pets. It has Aloe Vera, which allows the animal to swallow it without risking gastric irritation or discomfort.

It has a pleasant flavor to facilitate its acceptance by the pet.


BAXIDIN is a chlorhexidine digluconate – based biodegradable antiseptic solution in an aqueous vehicle, which allows for a safe use, since it does not irritate, even when used on mucous membranes or open wounds.


CANATOX natural oral solution with a liver regulating effect that protects the liver from possible damage and aids its activity, thus potentiating its basic functions for proper animal life and maintenance.

It is the ideal product to preserve good animal appetite, shiny silky hair, proper digestion, good overall condition, and good development and growth.


SULFICURE, besides providing cleanliness, shine and silkiness due to its Aloe Vera content, it has Sulfiram, and organic compound with anti-parasite and keratolytic properties.


DERMACURE A dermatological emulsion with Sulfiram, an antiseptic, keratolytic and parasiticide ingredient that facilitates penetration and action of the other active principles.


OTOCURE is an ear solution that complementarily combines the action of 5 active substances, thus achieving a broad spectrum and a quick resolution of ear issues.

It is a medicine that reduces pain and swelling and which, due to its property of quickly penetrating the epidermis, provides an effective vehicle for its active principles.

otofarm-cajaOTOFARM NF is a novel combination of three active principles that, when applied, have a synergic effect to quickly and safely solve ear disease


PROBIODOG A probiotic for dogs, made of live beneficial microorganisms (Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus lactis, Lactobacillus casei and Lactobacillus plantarum). It contains FOS, MOS, and maltodextrin. It improves food efficiency in situations that stress the animal (birth, nursing, lack of appetite, fasting, change of residence, change of owner, exposure to disease, antibiotic therapy, diet change, and presence of rivals, among others). No refrigeration required.



PROBIOCAT is an innovative, safe method that has no contraindications and allows efficient control of gut pathologies in cats.

It increases the food conversion rate, promotes the development of beneficial microflora in the intestine, an increases and improves the immunological conditions of the animal.

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